Originally hailing from a small farming village in Bavaria, at 20 years of age I decided to break out of its quiet and predictable trajectory by joining the U.S. military. I spent the next 4.5 years traveling the globe as an enlisted aviator, racking up nearly 50 countries visited thus far. Once my enlistment came to an end, I pursued my academic goals, eventually transferring to San Diego State University. During this time I’ve been extremely focused on living a happy life based on my idea of it, rather than follow societal templates. I’ve been fortunate enough to have certain mystical plant teachers guide me along the way, and now that I’m closing in on the end of undergrad, I’m preparing for that next big step, the next life-altering adventure, which is moving to Central America. My biggest challenge right now is finding my digital voice and creating an online presence that will support the nomadic existence I crave.